This is the official web site of the Bay Bares, a family-oriented naturist club based in Bay County, Florida. 
We welcome visitors year-round to our 
40-acre campground near Panama City. 

Ye who be scared of nude humans, do not wander here.  On the other hand, if you believe, as we do, that good clean fun does not require the wearing of clothing ...Join us!

We're just normal people with cars, homes, families, jobs, dreams, pets, hobbies, friends, and normal daily lives....just like anybody else.


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WE LOVE OUR VETERANS!  Please pay us a visit and ask about your discount!
The park is now open to visitors 7 days a week!  There should be someone there every day but please call ahead Mon - Thurs to verify.   850-722-0790

Hours are 9 - 5 unless otherwise notified.

See Rules and Fees page for 
updated rates.
email us at
Join us on Saturday, May 15th for our welcome to the Spring and Summer Season.  The pool will be open and we will be serving heavy hors d'oeuvres in the evening.  
Come meet some new friends. You can bring your tent and stay the night.  (day fees and overnight rates on the Fees page.