Membership in Bay Bares is not required to visit the park. Visitors must check in on arrival and pay grounds fees.  This grounds fee is good for the entire day and covers one single, or one couple. Each additional adult would pay the visitor grounds fee. The grounds fee covers use of all the park's facilities each day you visit. Overnight camping fees are listed in the adjacent chart. 

Think you want to join the ranks of the permanently laid back and loony? Membership may be applied for after 
3 visits, and is subject to approval of the club board.  Annual membership for a couple, or single is $400.00. ***We now accept major credit and debit cards.***

   PARK  FEES                                  GROUNDS FEE      TENT CAMPING     RV/CAMPER SITE                       VISITORS:                                           $40.00                       $25.00                    $35.00
​ (Singles, Couples, 18+)

 MEMBERS                                          $0.00                          $ 10.00                    $20.00 
​                                                                               ***Members add $10 for using AC at tent site

 AANR members get a $5.00 discount with AANR card.

Veterans may also ask for their discount.

                                                                      PARK RULES:
These park rules are provided as guidelines to ensure each and every person will be able to enjoy the facilities. We want our members and guest to feel welcome, enjoy themselves, and have fun. We can not make a rule for every circumstance or problem that may arise, so common sense must be used. The rule of thumb is, do not do anything that will require an apology.

1.  Bring a towel! When you sit down, please sit on your towel. This is universal Nudist courtesy.
2.  NO illegal drugs allowed. 
3.  Alcohol is allowed - in moderation. If you can't handle it, don't drink it. If you are visibly intoxicated and                     obnoxious your vehicle keys will be taken from you. You will not be allowed to leave the park until you are               sober enough to drive. If you refuse to turn over your keys and attempt to leave the park, we will be forced to         contact the local law enforcement agents.
4.  Nudity and sex are not one and the same. Sexual activity is not allowed except in the privacy of your tent or           camper.
5.  There are sensitive ears present, please watch your language. 
6.  Please put cigarette butts in the ashtrays or cans located throughout the property and not on the ground.
7.  PETS are allowed on campgrounds, but are not allowed in the common area. NO FREE-ROAMING               PETS. Please walk your pet only in the designated area. Please pick up after your pet .
8.  If you are a male and become sexually aroused, please cover up.
9.  Bonfires, campfires and open pit fires are not allowed around the park or camper sites. Small barbecue grills          will be acceptable if proper precautions are taken.  Do not dump ashes on park grounds/woods.
10. Before entering the pool, please shower in order to remove oil, sand, sun tan lotion, perspiration,                etc. No clothing or swimsuits allowed in pool. No beverage containers, food, or smoking permitted inside
      the pool fenced area in accordance with the Bay County Health Department Regulation Chapter 64E-9.011, 
      Paragraph 7 - Rules and Regulations. 
11. Pictures may not be taken of other members without their express permission. First time visitors are           prohibited from bringing cameras of any type, including camera cell phones.
12. No glass containers of any kind allowed around pool, deck, or common area. No glass of any kind                  allowed in trash containers. Please take them with you when you depart the park grounds.
13. The telephones are for park business use and limited to emergency personal calls. 
14. Quiet time is from midnight until 8 AM unless otherwise posted for special events.
15. The overall rule is, IF YOU MESS IT UP, CLEAN IT UP. Please help keep our park and grounds clean. We do         not have maid service. 
16. YOU MUST bring some form of picture identification with you. We will not allow you or anybody in your            party to stay  if you do not have some form of picture identification that also shows proof of your age.


 - Rules And Fees -